Who we are

Structural Survey is a versatile operation founded by Odin Knutsen, a qualified artisan and Senior Architectural Technologist, in 1980.

For the past 10 years Structural Survey is a second-generation firm in the capable hands of Hendri Barnard (Pr Arch T) and Olène Rabie (BComm Management Acc.).

Structural Survey is a hands-on operation and all projects are executed under personal supervision. The company has completed many successful projects over the years. The versatility of the operation lies in the fact that it can supply and design a large variety of buildings and structures to fit and economise conventional buildings in the industrial and commercial sectors of the market. Our objective is to accommodate the investor, whether big or small.

What we do

* Convenience shopping centres

* Factories and mini factories

* Showrooms

* Extentions of existing buildings

* Storage facilities

* Office buildings

* Aircraft hangers

* Workshops

* Mezzanine floors

* Fuel stations

What can you expect from us

* Projects at good market value that will yield above average returns

* Cost effective buildings

*Good quality workmanship

* Completion projects on time

* Personal supervision of each project

* A good reputation – we work on “word of mouth” referrals

* Maintaining good working relationships with our clients and suppliers

* Trust, honesty, and integrity

Our key focus areas


The most important step in planning a project with a satisfactory return is a good, cost-effective and practical design. You need to look no further, as this is our main focus when doing a design. We aim to design practical and economic buildings, according to the specific needs of our clients. We accommodate all different architectural styles.

One of our most valuable assets in our company is the knowledge and experience that has accumulated after years in our trade. We incorporate these techniques, proven to work through experience, in our designing process.


Our services include a complete structural steel manufacturing division and erection component.

Our experienced manufacturing division is geared for any project presented. They will manufacture and deliver the steel structure on time to the team on site, to complete the erection of the steel structure and roof sheeting.


Our building teams have experience in bricking up various different projects, ranging from Industrial Buildings, shopping complexes, showrooms and specialised operations such as cold storage.

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